7-Eleven US ‘redefines convenience’ with ordering app

(Author : Inside Retail Asia)
7‑Eleven US is trialling on-demand ordering for delivery or in-store pickup at selected Dallas stores via its new 7‑ElevenNow smartphone app, ahead of a national roll-out.

The new service is being tested in 10 downtown and uptown 7‑Eleven stores, and the convenience retail company says it will introduce the program into other locations in the US next year. Dallas customers who enroll in the new app – which runs on both Google and Apple platforms – will receive free delivery on their first order.

“With more locations than any other convenience retailer in the world, 7‑Eleven has a corner on convenient, in-store shopping,” said 7‑Eleven US chief digital officer Gurmeet Singh. “As we undergo a significant digital transformation, we continue to look for ways to expand and enhance the company’s shopping footprint – and consumers’ digital shopping experience – outside its stores as well.”

Singh said today’s digitally savvy consumer expects a wide range of options right at their fingertips.

We continuously ask our consumers how we can make their lives better, and 7‑ElevenNow is a proprietary solution to their on-demand needs. The app will enable our customers to get the products they want, when and where they want them, quickly and conveniently. This is redefining convenience.”

When ordering items through 7‑ElevenNow, customers can choose to receive direct delivery to their location or pick up their prepared order at the participating store of their choice within the 7‑ElevenNow footprint. A wide selection of snacks, cosmetics, gift cards, home goods, beverages and hundreds of other products are available for purchase on the app.

To use the app, shoppers choose the delivery or pick-up option. If delivery is selected, the app will auto-locate the nearest participating store and, once the order is placed, send it to a courier service. The courier then picks up the customer’s prepped products at the store and delivers them to the customer’s location. If shoppers choose pick-up, they select the items they want as well as the store they prefer for pick-up. The order will be waiting for them at the register. Customers can pay for both delivery and pickup via the app.

Source : insideretail.asia