Adidas In-Store Machine Knits A Custom Sweater

(Author : Weronika Jurkiewicz)
The garment goes from design to shelf in four hours thanks to interactive technology and custom-made robots.

Making clothes that people want to buy and cutting the time it takes for new designs to hit the stores are the two major challenges for any fast fashion manufacturer.

With its new pop-up, adidas might have just solve them both. Opened in Berlin, the ‘Knit for Youconcept store lets shoppers design a sweater and get it knitted by the state-of-the-art machines within four hours, not only reducing the trend-guessing from the design process, but also substantially cutting the typical manufacturing time of 12 to 18 months.

The tech-infused shopping experience is innovative in its own right and brings to mind an interactive video game. First shoppers enter a darkened room where different designs are projected onto them with an option to switch between pattern using hand gestures. After choosing the final version, customers move to a computer where they pick the color combination. To ensure the perfect fit, the shoppers can get a laser body scan. The custom-designed merino wool sweater cost 200 euros.

Adidas has been exploring localized production and customization in efforts to sell more products at full price and to bring its operating profit margins closet to its biggest rival, Nike, by 2020. Supported by the German government, the Knit for You pop-up will be used by adidas to evaluate the profitability of the concept, before potentially introducing it in other locations.

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