All-Encompassing Wellness Stores

(Author :  Laura McQuarrie)
Hello Love Touches on Art, Spirituality, Food and Movement. Hello Love is the name of a new concept store in London that is branded as “the world’s first and only space dedicated to NonToxic Practice (TM) — a philosophy that strips out all toxic substances from daily life.” 

The space is also described as a “home” or a “constantly evolving living space” that promotes mindfulness and inspires personal growth. In the store, there are countless complimentary holistic therapies and treatments that are offered to visitors, with an emphasis on supporting those living with cancer. To help consumers truly embody the NonToxic Practice, the store features an on-site organic juice bar and tea house.

The community-centered space also serves as a studio for showcasing art, film and design, as well as a “dojo” that makes wellness accessible through qi gong, yoga and other spiritual practices. As consumers seek out exciting new experiences, retailers are responding by creating concept stores that explore partnerships with artists, designers and charities.

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