Best Buy’s ‘Smart Home’ Service Helps Caretakers Monitor Seniors Living Alone

(Author : Zac Palm)
The retailer launched the new service to provide families with peace of mind for their elderly family members who remain at home.

Adults who have elderly parents who require additional help can’t always stand by at the ready. However, Best Buy wants to make it easier with the launch of a new ‘smart home’ service in the Twin Cities, Minnesota called Assured Living.

Before a family commits to Assured Living, a member of Best Buy’s Geek Squad will give the home a free assessment to determine which devices are best to use in the home and where to put them. The smart electronics vary from simple cameras and motion sensors to devices that can learn a person’s routine to inform the family of any notable changes. These devices connect to the family’s smartphones and sends them notifications when something unusual occurs.

Depending on how many devices the family chooses, the total cost can reach anywhere greater than $1,000. The Assured Living service costs $1 per day.*

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