Building A Better Online Grocery Store

(Author : Weronika Jurkiewicz)
Latin American grocery startup aims to make online ordering more personal.

The Cornershop app lets users select the store where they want to buy from, choose the items they need and enter their address and payment method—either a credit card, debit card or PayPal account. Pretty standard, right? Except that, instead of an army of warehouse workers, your purchase will be made by a personal shopper, which not only means that you can enjoy your groceries in less than 90 minutes after placing the order, but also that your tomatoes, apples and avocados are hand-picked, ensuring the highest quality and ripeness.

We recruit people who are detail-oriented and who care about making the purchases in the same way you would. For example, if the grapes are not 100% as you wanted them, we will call you and recommend that you order another type,” Manolo Atala, who runs Cornershop’s operations in Mexico, told El Economista.

Atala is no stranger to the ecommerce business in Latin America. Before investing in Cornershop, he served as the CEO of Groupon Mexico. But he is not the only high profile investor the startup managed to attract. Oscar Salazar, cofounder of Uber, Florian Otto, former CEO of Groupon Brazil and Frederico Malek, former CEO of Groupon for Southern Latin America all have their shares in the company.

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