Coop Switzerland Opens First Vegetarian Supermarket

(Author :  european supermaket magazine)
Coop Switzerland has launched its first Karma supermarket – a store dedicated entirely to vegetarian and vegan products.

The new format, which has opened in Zug, will offer fresh produce, basic food items, vegan and vegetarian cosmetics, freshly prepared beverages, nuts, cereals, and a range of convenience products. The retailer says that it has launched the store in response to ‘the strong demand for vegetarian, vegan and healthy products’.

Unique Features
Karma will feature a wide range of new products, including branded items. Around one third of these will be organic. Many products, including quinoa, muesli and nuts will be offered in bulk, allowing customers to buy the exact quantity they need, and cut down on food waste. The store will also have a tea and coffee bar with a seating area, and freshly prepared meals will be on offer throughout the day. Last year the retailer increased the range of vegetarian and vegan products in Coop Switzerland stores.

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