Debenhams to launch in-store fitness centres

(Author :  Inside Retail Hong Kong)
British retailer, Debenhams is to trial in-store fitness centres with gym specialist Sweat! as its partner, in three of its locations.

The department store operator says the partnership, to launch early next year, will give customers more reasons to visit Debenhams stores more often and will attract a younger female base.

Founded by entrepreneur, Frank Reed, Sweat! offers an aspirational gym environment at a slight price premium to budget gyms. Facilities in the brightly branded gym space include dedicated studios for spinning and aerobics, innovative fitness programmes such as The Matrix along with a full range of free weights and Technogym equipment. The fitness foray is part of the Debenhams Redesigned strategy to make stores a destination for social shopping.

“In Spring we detailed the Debenhams Redesigned strategy stating that we would look to work with strategic partners to deliver our plan,” explained Sergio Bucher, Debenhams CEO.

“We believe that by teaming with Sweat! we will optimise the space that is available in some of our stores whilst offering an attractive and credible leisure experience to customers. The partnership is a step closer to establishing Debenhams as a Destination for leisure experiences and gives customers more reasons to visit us more often.”

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