Disrupt Sports Launch into Physical Retail

(Author : Prinitha Govender)
The customised sports equipment pureplay have partnered with Westfield’s, and a host of other successful online startups, to open its first physical store this Friday.

Disrupt Sports will launch its first pop-up retail store at Westfield Sydney’s Warringah shopping centre.

We’re pretty excited. We now have the shop ready to go,” says Gary Elphick, co-founder and chief executive of Disrupt Sports. The company have been talking to Westfield’s Sydney group for the past six months, and found out last week there was a space available. “This is a big step in the line to go from something in the digital world to something in the physical world, and that will be a really good experience for us.”

The lifestyle brand will be setting up a design studio in its new bricks and mortar store, where online shoppers can come in and feel the materials used to make its custom design surfboards, yoga and snowboard equipment as well.

“The main things for us is to get the product into peoples’ hands so they can actually feel the quality. For us, it’s all locally made, so it’s about customers being able to feel a locally made product.”

“Customer’s can design their products in-store with our six-foot interactive screen, where they can put their details into and play around with different models, materials and interesting designs from local artists, or upload their own designs in-store.” Customers can be guided during the process by staff on-site. The news comes just in time for Christmas. Disrupt say they will run the pop-up over the festive season, for at least two to three months, depending on how things go. The 173 sqm space will also be shared by online retailer Kini swimwear, Airbuddy scuba diving, kids sports wearables online retailer Elanation, and a few other Sydney based start-ups in the lifestyle category.

“We have seven companies in total – six will be there on opening day this Friday. With Kini, it’s the same case, where they get to show customers the quality of the materials they use for their swimwear, and show shoppers the process for customising.”

On the broader sense of things, Gary says what his brand, Disrupt Sports, really wants to show to companies like Westfield and the retail community, is that there is all this extra technology out there that’s disrupting the conventional retail landscape, and it’s local.

“To hold nearly a billion dollars worth of stock over Christmas is crazy for us, and that’s the way that we’re helping these companies develop in that area.”

Disrupt are currently further refining its customisation technology, and have a new API coming put soon, one that will enable online and in-store customisation and will also allow it to plug into the existing e-Commerce websites like The Iconic, Kogan and other like companies.

Disrupt Sports are also currently working on a B2B portal, so that other companies and brands can tap into its manufacturing capabilities, which it says is one of its main goals over the next three to four months. The company will also be pushing its presence in the US at the end of this year.

Although this is Disrupt Sport’s first venture into its own physical retail store, the brand currently operates three concessions in other company’s stores on the New South Wales coast.

Gary says he’s looking forward to showcasing some awesome start-ups that come from Sydney at Westfield this Friday. “Technology isn’t always growing out of Silicon Valley. There’s a lot going on here as well.”

Souce : powerretail.com.au