Electronics accessories brand goes physical

(Author : Marianne Wilson)
Belkin, which sells accessories for smartphones and tablets, has entered the brick-and-mortar space.

The company has opened a store newly renovated Terminal 6 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) with the Hudson Group. The store, which features a charging station, sells a variety of accessories, including chargers, cables, and screen protectors. It carries about 100 skus.
“With the opening of our first retail store at LAX, we are excited to introduce the world to the latest Belkin products in one place,” said Erik Burgers, director of sales, Belkin. “As we continue to innovate in the accessories market, this outpost will be a great place for consumers to stock up on the latest chargers and other travel must-haves to power and protect all of their mobile devices.”

Hudson Group said it has increased the amount of in-store space for electronics consistently each year for the past four years.

“Consumer electronics accessories are a big seller across the board – especially charging and device protection products. With airport officials predicting a record of 24.5 million passengers passing through the airport this summer, it’s the perfect time to collaborate with Belkin to open a stand-alone storefront in one of the busiest terminals at LAX,” said John Bradley, merchandising, Hudson Group.

Source : chainstoreage.com