Estée Lauder combines AR with chatbots

(Author : Essential Retail)
Estée Lauder has created a chatbot lipstick advisor which consumers can engage with via Facebook Messenger.

The new lipstick chatbot was created in partnership with ModiFace and allows customers to search and virtually try on different shades of lipsticks using augmented reality (AR) technology. The Facebook Messenger chatbot also offers customers a quiz to find their ideal colour and those recommendations can been be “tried on” via their mobile device. Customers can also take a photo of any object and the software will search for lipsticks based on the object’s colour to find the closest shade match.

“One of the key pillars of our partnership with ModiFace is the application of augmented reality and AI across all platforms where customers interact with our brand,” said Stephane de La Faverie, global brand president, Estée Lauder. “Messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger are the perfect platform for consumers to search, explore, try-on, and ideally purchase Estée Lauder products.”

Estée Lauder began its augmented reality journey in May, with the launch of a virtual ‘try on’ functionality on its website.

Parham Aarabi, founder and CEO, ModiFace, added: “We see augmented reality as an essential layer of interaction between beauty customers and brands. Estée Lauder is among the leaders in embracing the notion of AR being used everywhere. We are very excited by the latest step in our partnership, and look forward with great excitement to the many steps that together we have in store for the near future.”

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