Giorgio Armani invites travellers into his Studio Profumo

(Author : Helen Pawson)
L’Oréal Travel Retail is inviting travellers to discover the world of Giorgio Armani’s Milan Studio Profumo via promotions at key airports globally, including Dubai, Heathrow and Oslo, through May.

The Studio Profumo shows how Armani creates his fragrances and reveals the inspiration that he draws from the world of haute couture. The promotion features designer podiums which echo Armani’s studio along with mounted picture frames and a display of fragrances such as Sì Eau de Parfum and Sì Rose Signature.

Giorgio Armani invites travellers into his Studio Profumo1

Travellers can discover fragrances including Acqua di Gioia, Sky di Gioia, Code and Code Cashmere via scented ribbons in colours that match the various lines. Customers who purchase one or more Armani fragrance will receive a pouch signed by Giorgio Armani.

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