KFC Remodeled One Restaurant To Highlight Its VR Training Simulator

(Author : Zack Palm)
This one-of-a-kind KFC location allows customers to play the company’s virtual reality training game and try exclusive menu items.

KFC remodeled one of its fast food restaurants in Kansas to give customers the chance to experience its virtual reality game “The Hard Way,” a training simulator the company uses for its employees. The game teaches employees how to make the chain’s fried chicken, but diners can enjoy it as a VR escape room.

In the simulator the player must attempt to cook the fried chicken exactly as Colonel Sanders did over 70 years ago. Should the player not know what to do next, a digital Colonel Sanders provides hints and clues.

This location, which opened in Overland Park, Kansas as a co-branded establishment alongside a Taco Bell, is the first to make the game available to customers. Other notable features include a uniquely customized interior, exclusive menu items and a Colonel Sanders statue for customers to take pictures with.

Source : psfk.com