‘Kroger Edge’ Technology Communicates with a Shopper’s Smartphone

(Author : Laura McQuarrie)
Kroger has plans to overhaul the way consumers shop for in-store goods by introducing ‘Kroger Edge’ technology. This system will replace paper price tags with digital displays that offer a range of dynamic content, including everything from pricing and nutritional information to video ads and coupons.

As the price tags will be completely digital, the displayed content has the ability to be changed with ease without much manual effort. Kroger’s new technology is being introduced to just under 200 stores, offering a look at the future of shopping. Beyond just communicating information in a seamless way, these digital displays will ultimately be able to connect with consumers by calling attention to items on their shopping lists. The digital shelf labels may also be used in the future to spotlight products that match a consumer’s dietary preferences.

Source : trendhunter.com