Lidl’s ‘Social Price Drop’

(Author : Laura Swain)
German discount supermarket Lidl launched an innovative Christmas social media marketing campaign that used Twitter to engage and excite its customers in the UK during the festive period.

The first campaign of its kind by a grocery store chain, customers were encouraged to tweet about specific products to trigger ‘price-drops’. The more tweets generated, the lower prices plummeted.

Created by London-based digital marketing agency 360i Europe, the Social Media Drop campaign launched on November 21 and ran until December 17, discounting a different item per week from Lidl’s luxury Christmas range. Items included a whole cooked lobster, a leg of cured Serrano ham and a luxury Christmas pudding.

Each week, chosen products were announced via Twitter and customers had one day to tweet about them using the hashtag #LidlSurprises. They could then take advantage of the price reductions generated that week by purchasing the chosen items in-store the following Saturday. The interactive campaign was also promoted via special tickets handed out in stores.

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