Lindenhoff, the amazing organic experience

(Author : Stéphane Keulian)
Let me take you to the Netherlands today in a village called Baambrugge, located between Amsterdam and Utrecht to explore a truly food retail golden nugget: LINDENHOFF

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to talk about ecological and chic CRU concept that the Belgian leading food retailer Colruyt has installed in a former farm. Quite a pleasant and convincing innovative move.

Today, let’s go a step further and discover LINDENHOFF, an amazing food retail experience that has put a real farm at the heart of a supermarket concept dedicated to organic, local and tasty food. Lindenhoff has been created by Ben te Voortwis in 1999, at a time when he was convinced that the agro-business and food industry methods lead to both poor tasting food and animal suffering. A few years later, Ben and his sons are running a successful business where he can put his ideas into practice and share them with the public.

Lindenhoff, the amazing organic experience 1

The farm is modest in size. A few fields and greenhouses for fruits and vegetables, a stable for black pigs, cows and sheeps and a fancy supermarket/coffee place. That is what Lindenhoff is all about.

Right from the entrance of the main building, a trendy coffee place is welcoming the visitors. We can easily figure out that  the place is dedicated to urban wealthy shoppers who are looking for high quality food products and experience.

After the coffee area, you enter an unexpected beautifully designed supermarket that looks like a gourmet grocery store. Every item displayed here comes from either the farm or producers/partners that support both Lindenhoff requirements  and ambition.

Everything here comes fresh, tasty and professional. The meat and cheese sections are located in some cold storage rooms where the magic happens. Lindenhoff provides its customers with a fantastic food experience where taste and quality are  showcased with talent.

In the grocery department, Lindenhoff private label is made attractive thanks to a clean, elegant and high-end packaging design.

Lindenhoff is also available online for Dutch shoppers in the whole country. The website is remarkably designed and features a lot of information about the products and the people involved in the brand. You can also be inspired by recipes. Lindenhoff makes the digital experience almost as tasty as the physical one. That is what a seamless experience is about.

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