L’Oreal Is Trying To Help You Step Up Your Emoji Game

(Author : Jennifer Passas)
 A range of hair, make-up and nail-themed emojis launched by L’Oreal are made to help people express their beauty and creativity online

L’Oreal has released 130 hair, make-up and nail-themed illustrations for smartphone users to choose from to express themselves. The emoji keyboard called Beaumoji is designed specifically for those interested in beauty products. The emoji characters allow beauty enthusiasts to illustrate their latest obsessions whether that it is blue lipstick or their new favorite shade of nail polish.

The offering has a wide range of popular nail, lip and eyeshadow colors along with an inclusive range of skin tones, hair types and genders. The emojis are organized into five categories: It Girl, Pampered Life, Iconic, beYOUtiful and Love. It Girl has the hottest trends such as pastel hair while The Pampered Life features characters with face masks and cucumber eye treatments. Iconic features some of L’Oreal’s bestselling goods, beYOUtiful allows users to create their own beauty looks and stories, and Love showcases icons that let users show their adoration for all things beauty.

L’Oreal is hoping that Beaumoji characters will allow beauty-enthusiasts to express their own creativity and add to the overwhelming online conversations around beauty that are currently happening. To further propel the conversation the brand is encouraging beauty-lovers to craft their own emoji to be added to the keyboard. Top beauty influencers will select a winner, who will get the chance to attend BeautyConNY in October.

Source : psfk.com