Lorenzo Bertagnolio’s opinion on the current retail world

Lorenzo Bertagnolo shares about his interest in Chatbots,and comments on Tacobot, the last Taco Bell’s initiative based on this very technology.


In the latest sign that chatbot-enabled mcommerce is quickly ramping up, Taco Bell is testing a new Slack interface, called TacoBot, that enables users to order food directly within the messaging platform. Read more

I found this article very interesting because it is one of the first commercial developments lined to the revolution that is happening on chat platforms, chatbots .
Instant messaging are in the process of transforming in super- platforms where conversational robots help achieve any task with a major impact on trade for the future.
Bots strated a week ago on Facebook Messenger and Facebook Mark Zuckerberg , launching this new feature, said ” It should be as easy to interact with a company than with a friend.”
It seems clear that chat apps will become the new browsers and bots will be the new websites. Some do not hesitate to affirm that this is the beginning of a new Internet .
A fascinating subject that we must follow closely. Lorenzo Bertagnolio

Source : Altavia Watch