Lowe’s Makes Push for Smart Home Retail With New ‘Store-Within-a-Store’ Setups

(Author : Kinsey Grant)
Lowe’s will open up smart home mini-stores at 70 locations nationwide in a partnership with software-powered retailer b8ta.

The home improvement retailer is making a push to sell more smart home software by opening up 70 pop-up shops focused on connected home technology at Lowe’s stores across the country, the company said in a statement.

The “store-within-a-store” concept is a partnership with software-powered retailer b8ta. Lowe’s piloted the smart home concept at three “Smart Home powered by b8ta” locations last fall. This expansion comes after the three test spots enjoyed successful runs.

“The store-within-a-store offers an innovative shopping solution for customers interested in smart home devices,” Lowe’s said. “Each destination features a curated selection of top-rated smart home products and offers consumers onsite support from specially trained experts known as ‘b8ta testers.‘”

The pop-up stores are meant to offer a “lab-like” atmosphere so shoppers can test out smart home devices or ask questions about purchases. The items offered at the smart home locations include security systems, thermostats, cameras and lighting solutions from brands such as Alphabet Inc.’s, Google and Nest, Sonos, General Electric Co., Iris and Samsung Electronics.

Source : thestreet.com