Lush’s Social Action Plan

(Author : power retail)
Natasha Ritz, Brand Communications Manager for Lush, discusses how social media can help build customer relationships and ultimately drive conversions.


Telling an authentic brand story through social media is the best way to engage and stay in day-to-day contact with your customers. People today want a full access pass to understanding a brand so they can make the most informed purchasing choices.

Customers will now use many avenues of research before making their final purchase, and social media is definitely one of them. As a brand, each day and each post on different social channels offers an opportunity to spark conversation and create brand advocates in customers.

Social media aids in building a brand’s story and a rapport with its customers, which ultimately results in building long-term trusting relationships between customer and brand that convert into sales.

It is also important for brands to listen to customers by analysing the way they interact with content or the way they share content. This is the best way to shape a digital strategy and something that can evolve consistently over time. Social strategies should never stay the same as the conversation is constantly changing and so are the ways in which people choose to engage. The key to a successful, evolutionary strategy is to listen, learn and adapt.

Content posted across brand channels should always have a key purpose. When creating content, or considering content to post we should ask ourselves a few questions:

  • How will the content resonate with customers?
  • What message or story is this piece of content telling?
  • What will my customers get out of seeing this information?
  • How much value is this piece of content adding to someone’s day?

LUSH doesn’t advertise as part of a global policy, so when it comes to social media content is king. We have to consider strongly all angles and all of the above questions. Sometimes the most creative concepts come from not having a budget to spend and also make for a more authentic conversation with customers, as we’re only posting what seems to be resonating with people.

When creating a social strategy, brands need to consider which channels their customers might be using to connect with them. Are they on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram? Test out the platforms and see where the reach and engagement is highest, then continue working on those and ditch the others. It’s worth refining and doing what works rather than continuing to create content on channels that customers are not engaged on.

Social media is another channel to the overall marketing mix that truly enhances the customers experience with the brand and offers a one-to-one opportunity for communication.

Source : powerretail