McDonald’s Dia Drive is a Roving “Drive-Thruck” on Wheels

(Author : Laura McQuarrie)
There are countless fast food drive-thru stations that can be visited around the world, but this one created by McDonald’s in Sao Paulo, Brazil, sets itself up right on the road alongside drivers.

The “Drive-Thruck” is like a hybrid between a food truck and a traditional drive-thru station, making it possible to bring the food-ordering experience right to drivers, rather than requiring them to travel. People in cars who pulled up alongside the unique McDonald’s station were handed orders of fries, ice cream cones and soft drinks in the same way that they would ordinarily receive food and drink items from a drive-thru window.

The Dia Drive stunt was devised with the help of Brazilian agency DPZ&T to remind people just how easy it is to find a McDonald’s drive-thru window virtually anywhere throughout the country.

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