Morrisons Launches Amazon Alexa Voice Ordering Service

(Author : European Market Magazine)
UK retailer Morrisons is opening its online store to Amazon’s voice command software Alexa.

Shoppers will now be able to use their voice to order their weekly shop from by using the service, as well ask Alexa to add or remove items from their basket, suggest items based on previous shops, check the total of their order and check if their delivery is on time. To access the service, customers have to activate the Alexa ‘voice skill’, which is available on devices such as the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Amazon Tap.

Morrison says this technology will be particularly helpful for people who are disabled or on the move. BMW recently announced that Alexa would be in its new cars from next year.

Matt Kelleher, Morrisons Online Director, said, “Customers are increasingly using voice commands in their everyday lives to check the weather, play music, or find out the latest news. It is important we follow this emerging trend and make Morrisons an easier and more accessible place to shop for groceries online. It’s exciting that our customers can now shop without even needing to login to a computer or mobile phone.”

Alexa Looks To The UK
In August, the UK online grocer Ocado implemented a similar feature to let shoppers top up their baskets using Alexa. Amazon has been encouraging online shoppers to avail of Alexa since it made over 100 exclusive deals available for Alexa users during its third-annual Prime Day sales event on 12 July. Meanwhile, Wal-Mart and Tesco have moved into voice-ordering technology by partnering with competitor Google.

However, confidence in shopping via voice command is still lacklustre with more than half of customers showing no interest in such deals, according to a survey at the time of shoppers by the bargain hunters site Morrisons previously worked with Amazon last year when it rolled out the UK’s largest collection of Amazon lockers in its stores, to enable customers to pick up items bought online from its stores.

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