MUJI’s New Tokyo Flagship Features A Market With Fresh Fruit And Vegetables

(Author : Azalea Pena)
The retail location offers a small but high-quality variety of fruits and vegetables directly sourced from local producers.

MUJI YURAKUCHO, MUJI’s global flagship store, was reopened a few days ago. talomg . Now, buyers can shop for fresh produce in the 1st floor of the store and enjoy fruits and vegetables with significantly less chemical pesticides as well.

MUJI is slowly becoming one of the most helpful stores in the world through offering apparel, accessories, a home in the MUJI Hut, and now, food. The brand gets the fresh produce directly from sellers and they also want consumers to learn about the suppliers as well as where the produce came from. It’s about man’s relationship with food MUJI said.

MUJI’s New Tokyo Flagship Features A Market With Fresh Fruit And Vegetables1

Furthermore, MUJI made it clear that they will not offer a large array of fruits and vegetables, but they will offer seasonal items, rare, and traditional produce. All fruits and vegetables are grown with less than 50 percent chemical pesticides.

If you feel the need to shop more, the 2nd floor offers freshly baked pastries and soup in the Café&Meal MUJI. There’s also a life-size model of the MUJI Hut for everyone’s enjoyment.

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