Neiman Marcus pilots millennial employee-sourced Trending Beauty shop

(Author : Cassidy Mantor)
Neiman Marcus has turned to its millennial employees for help in sourcing a new beauty shop concept called Trending Beauty that will pilot at the department store’s NorthPark Center location in Dallas.

Neiman Marcus reported its average beauty customer was 51 years old at the time of its IPO in 2015. In an effort to stay in business and appeal to a new generation of beauty customer, the retailer assembled a focus group of 20 assistant buyers, merchandisers and planners in their twenties to share their favorite beauty products outside of the range of inventory usually carried by Neiman Marcus.

The results are 45 brands across skincare, makeup, self care, ingestibles, candles, and oils. Brands include Ouai, KNC Beauty, Lipstick Queen, Bioeffect, Hum Nutrition and Joanna Vargas, with the average price point standing at $50 an item.

The Trending Beauty shop is carved out of the beauty floor with modern wood and metal fixtures, and is designed to stand out to millennial shoppers with its neon pink signage. Neiman Marcus is the latest retailer appealing to millennials. Bloomingdales unveiled its GlowHaus concept at five locations. However, while GlowHaus sits adjacent to other millennial brands, Trending Beauty is an enclave in an otherwise more mature retail experience.

Kelly St. John, Neiman Marcus’ VP of beauty said, “There’s been such a growth in up-and-coming beauty brands in the last [several] years, and we wanted to curate an assortment we could position not only to our existing customers, but to new customers as well.”

St. John noted that Trending Beauty is part of an overall operations strategy of being more nimble. She explained that they installed the space in three hours in an effort to get the consumer the product she wants immediately.

Trending Beauty also joins other new Neiman Marcus beauty initiatives: the Wellness Shop opened earlier this year, offering supplements and ingestibles, and last month the retailer partnered with Indie Beauty Expo to bring 15 indie beauty brands to its assortment.

Trending Beauty is open now in Dallas, TX’s NorthPark Center, close to the retailer’s headquarters. Neiman Marcus has not confirmed additional locations but plans to open more shops this spring if Trending Beauty in Dallas is a success.

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