Nivea’s new Rome store

(Author : retaildesignworld)
Toiletries brand Nivea has opened a store close to Rome, using a new store format developed by Milan-based design agency Matteo Thun & Partners. The agency worked closely with Nivea’s international branding team to develop the store.

Nivea's new Rome store

The brand’s familiar blue and white colour palette features heavily in the store, both inside and out, with its circular logo reflected in wall and window graphics.

Natural woods are used to give a warm and welcoming feel. Walnut is used for flooring and oak for shelving systems, emphasising the core brand value of human touch. Neutral backgrounds help to focus attention on the products. Flexible display opportunities are provided by a modular shelving system, with closed units included to give storage space. Wooden furniture gives customers the chance to slow down and relax.

An easily-adjustable spotlight system has been integrated into the store, so that staff can change the lighting to reflect displays that change frequently. The brand avoids showing any sales promotions in-store, instead showing bright lifestyle images to communicate brand values to shoppers.

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