Online giant’s new delivery system targets apartment dwellers

(Auhor : Deena M. Amato-McCoy)
Amazon’s new delivery system makes a play for a customer segment initially targeted by Walmart’s e-commerce arm.


The online giant introduced a new delivery locker designed for apartment blocks and other housing complexes that may not have services to accept or store packages. Called The Hub by Amazon, the modular system features compartments where packages can be stored for pickup. Depending on the module, the customizable unit can feature between 42 and 55 lockers. There are indoor and outdoor models, which stand 6 ft. high and 7 ft. high, respectively.

To retrieve a package, customers enter the pickup code into the system. Upon authorizing the code, a corresponding door will open, revealing the stored items. The Hub accepts delivery from all carriers, according to Amazon. The program takes a swing at a similar service recently introduced by Walmart’s e-commerce operation is teaming up with Latch, a provider of smart building access technologies, to integrate a reader-style electronic access product in 1,000 buildings in New York City. The installation, which is being paid for by the partners, will give more than 100,000 residents the ability to retrieve orders electronically, according to TechCrunch.

Using their smartphone as a key, participating residents can grant access to delivery companies, dropping off packages even if they are not home. The solution, called the R Access system, also provides a visual audit trail of guests, as well as management tools that enable users to add users and share access, according to Latch’s website.

All 1,000 buildings will be set up to provide access to Jet’s delivery partners. The program could be a catalyst for Jet to streamline deliveries in metro and urban areas, according to the report.

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