Portugese Supermarket Turns Bus Stops into Orange Groves

(Author : Andrew Conrad)
Most bus stops are havens for graffiti, used chewing gum and litter. But Portugese supermarket chain Continente recently turned one of Lisbon’s most heavily trafficked bus stops into something much more pleasing to the senses: an orange grove.

The effort is part of a campaign to promote a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, support Portugese farmers, and regulate fair prices for producers and consumers alike. The bus stop itself, which is located near the iconic Amoreiras shopping center, was emblazoned with advertisements for the campaign, then decorated with giant orange tree leaves and real oranges. Slots on the side of the bus stop dispensed fresh, local oranges.

Passersby at the bus stop were treated to complimentary Algarve oranges, and reminded of the campaign’s slogan: “A natureza tem a nossa mara” (Nature has our brand). Continente’s recent advertising also includes a web video following the journey of fresh seafood and produce making its way from nature to a family’s table.

Algarve, a coastal region in southern Portugal, claims to produce the best oranges in the world thanks to its rich soil and high exposure to the sun. Algarve’s top agricultural exports also include figs, almonds, carobs, strawberries and cork. The ‘Nature has our brand’ campaign was initiated by French firm Arena Media and implemented by Havas Sports & Entertainment, in partnership with JC Decaux Innovate, an outdoor advertising firm based in the UK.

The orange grove bus stop campaign is certainly a refreshing twist on outdoor advertising, attracting the attention of consumers with natural aesthetics rather than flashing lights or eye-catching movement.

Source : www.psfk.com