Samsung and Woolworths Team Up to Deliver Internet Fridge

(Author : Prinitha Govender)
Australia your Samsung internet-fridge is here and it’s going to do your shopping for you! Welcome to the new era of grocery e-Commerce.

Run out of milk? No problem. Just tap on your refrigerator’s touchscreen and order some more. This is a possible scenario as off this week, with Samsung announcing a partnership with Woolworths, just in time for the launch of its latest internet-connect fridge. If you shop at Coles, then bad luck (well at least for now). Samsung’s partnership with Woolworths demonstrates why anyone would want to connect their fridge to the internet.

The Family Hub Refrigerator lets owners buy groceries using the Woolworths app (available in October) that they can download directly from their fridge, via the 21.5-inch interactive touchscreen on the door.

There are currently 200,000 users of the Woolworths mobile app, and more than half a million Aussies are shopping online every month, which certainly places Woolworths in a great position to collaborate with tech giant Samsung, thus improving its services to tech-savvy consumers and making shopping online for groceries as easy as possible.

The Family Hub Refrigerator comes with three cameras inside, that allows users to create a grocery list based on the fridge contents, which also syncs with smartphones, via the Samsung Smart Home app.

The app allows owners to view the inside of their fridge on their phone, thanks to the fridges interior cameras, that take photos of the contents every time you close the door. This means if you’re on your way home and can’t remember if you need milk or butter, just have a peek on your phone for the answer.

“At Woolworths, the customer is at the centre of everything we do, so working with Samsung on the Family Hub made perfect sense for us, as we work to provide our customers with convenient ways to shop,” said Kate Langford, Woolworth’s GM of Digital.

The Woolworths app also comes complete with dinner inspo, featuring over 2,000 recipes. Hmmm… now for a fridge that’ll cook me dinner.

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