Sephora tests new ‘phygital’ store concept in France

(Author : FashionNetwork)
After launching on 31st March in New York a new, highly digitized store concept, Sephora is now testing a similar experiential retail format in France, going the ‘phygital’ route and focusing on forging tighter relationships with customers. The New Sephora Experience concept has been deployed in two pilot stores in France: inside the Nantes Atlantis shopping mall from 24th March, and at the Val d’Europe shopping centre from 31st March.

“The New Sephora Experience is a new generation of Sephora stores – more attractive and more captivating – which entirely reinvents the customer experience,” touted the LVMH group’s beauty retailer in a press release, adding that the heart of the store is the Beauty Hub, a digitally connected area in which customers are encouraged to “discover, learn, play and share their beauty,” wrote Sephora. Via dedicate iPad stations, visitors can benefit from a bespoke beauty prescription, learn from tutorials or find their personal colour palette, with or without the advice of the in-store make-up expert. There are also monitors through which customers can search the entire Sephora range, and at Val d’Europe a life-size mirror/screen for trialling out virtual make-up styles.

As for skincare, Sephora has launched the Skin Patch service: thanks to a facial patch, beauty consultants are able to determine the customer’s skin type and give targeted advice on suitable products. Group courses on specific themes can also be run at the Beauty Hub.

To enhance the brand’s reputation and the loyalty of its customers, the retailer, which operates more than 2,400 stores in 33 countries, is also focusing on the social media community. An in-store Beauty Board showcases pictures, looks and products liked and shared by Sephora aficionados on Facebook, Instagram and their ilk.

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