Shanghai’s Newest Starbucks Has A Radically Different Look

(Author : Sara Roncero-Menendez)
The Puxi City location of the coffee brewing company takes on a new form with walls of windows and a rooftop terrace

Most chains strive to have a signature look so that customers can recognize the brand even when abroad. Starbucks tends to have locations that play with new designs and layouts, like its latest Asian location. With the help of design firm Original Design Studio, the coffee giant has opened its Puxi City location in Shanghai. The Shanghai Starbucks is rectangular and located in an area laid out for cultural creativity back in 2010.

The store includes large glass boxes that provide an uninterrupted view both in and outside the coffee shop as well as a great deal of natural light. The Shanghai Starbucks also includes a small, secluded courtyard with a single tree at the center for those customers looking to enjoy the outdoors. Inside, there are no columns, allowing for maximum mobility and flexibility with setting up the space. There is also access to a roof top terrace which provides an elevated view of the neighborhood.



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