Shiseido’s Virtual Make-Up for Video Calls

(Author : Alice Leeburn)
Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido has announced the launch of TeleBeauty: an app that allows users to instantly apply a virtual face of make-up when making video calls.

Targeting “teleworking” women who work flexibly from home, Shiseido discovered that they found applying make-up solely for online meetings frustrating. They were also unhappy with their personal and private space being viewed through a low-quality monitor lens.

Four make-up looks are available – natural, trend, cool and feminine – with users able to blur skin texture to minimise pores, lines and wrinkles, as well as adjust brightness and colour balance to improve general image quality.

Created in collaboration with Microsoft Japan and debuted during the tech giant’s recent Work Style Reform Week 2016, the app is compatible with Skype for Business. Shiseido is currently testing the technology with 100 Microsoft Japan employees.

This is the latest in a line of augmented reality apps that allow consumers to experiment with virtual make-up, but the premise here is empowering users to work with confidence, rather than trialling products before purchase.

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