Snapchat is now selling glasses via branded vending machine

(Author : kate Dingwall)
Messaging app Snapchat surprised the public and released their ‘Spectacle’ smart glasses today.

The glasses were released via a Snapchat-branded vending machine that popped up in California. The sunglasses sold out within hours. Snapchat first announced the launch of these camera-equipped sunglasses in September. The company announced this pop-up by posting a photo of the vending machine, without disclosing the location. The vending machine was bright yellow and reminiscent of Snapchat’s cartoonish branding. Today’s pop-up occurred in Venice Beach, California, by the company’s headquarters. The pop-up is said to be the first of many guerilla pop-ups.

Since selling out at noon, the glasses have popped up for over $900 on eBay, which is exponentially more than the $130 selling price.

The high-tech glasses come in three colors: red, blue, and black. The glasses record videos and photos and saves the footage directly to the ‘Memories’ portion of the Snapchat app. Viewers can record and save footage via Bluetooth or WiFi. This is the first retail experience hosted by Snapchat. More pop-ups will be announced at future dates. Snapchat will announce the pop-up 24 hours prior to the event.

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