Subway to launch in-store radio

(Author : Ben Sillitoe)
Subway is set to launch an in-store radio service, which will be available to franchisees in the UK, Republic of Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden.

Fast food sandwich chain Subway has agreed a deal to launch an in-store radio station, which will be available to the company’s franchisees across Europe. Operators of Subway stores in the UK, Republic of Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden will have an opportunity to broadcast the in-house station, courtesy of Immedia, a digital audio company run by ex-Radio One DJ, Bruno Brookes.Immedia already works with high street organisations such as Spar, Superdrug and Lloyds Bank.

Brookes’ business has signed a five-year contract with the European Independent Purchasing Company Limited (EIPC), a non-profit making group owned by Subway franchisees, for the supply of seven Subway-branded in-store music and marketing channels, and accompanying equipment.

The broadcasts will include music and relevant local and national marketing messages, and in an effort to try and tie Subway’s various channels together moves are being made to link the radio service to the Subcard loyalty app, to allow customers to listen to the offering away from a store environment.

Immedia says it will receive an annual subscription fee per franchisee site from EIPC. Under the agreement, Immedia is also exclusively responsible for the production of language-specific marketing content for Subway Radio.

The partnership has the potential to span 3,400 stores spread across the region, and EIPC will provide Immedia with an indicative forecast of likely orders for the subsequent two months, on a rolling basis.

Manaaz Akhtar, regional marketing director for the Subway brand, said: “The launch of Subway Radio marks a new chapter for the brand in enhancing the customer and staff experience in store.

“With bespoke radio content, we will create a unique and engaging experience for our customers, different to other brands in this sector.”

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