Subway trials new formula

(Author : Yoni Van Looveren)
Fast food chain Subway is trialing a new formula in several of its stores, with a visually altered design and several technological innovations.


Order booth
The new formula was created in collaboration with design firm FRCH Design Worldwide and should give the restaurants a better atmosphere. Fresh colours and decorations should link to the fresh foods used in the meals. It also contains an order booth where customers can compile their own menu. There are also several payment options, including Apple Pay and it is even possible to place your order beforehand. USB charging stations and free WiFi is also available at the restaurant, mimicking what chains like Starbucks have long offered.

“We have designed a new and modern interior, giving the customers the choice about how to place the order, how to pick it up and how to enjoy it”, Subway operational director Trevor Haynes said. The menu will also be altered, with new types of bread and products that will be shipped in fresh every day.

The new formula is currently only available in nine locations across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, but should be rolled out to every other restaurant eventually.

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