Supermarket giant’s new website tells employee ‘stories’

(Author : Deena M. Amato-McCoy)
Kroger Co. wants to give its employees a voice — and now they have one.

Eager to highlight the accomplishments, milestones, and personal connections made by its associates, Kroger Co. introduced, a website dedicated to its employees’ contributions, and the impact they make on the company.
Produced by both Kroger associates and freelancers, the multi-media site will feature long and short-form written content, as well as video and photographic storytelling.

The goal: to share stories about Kroger’s people, innovative projects, and the ideas that are changing the way communities eat, drink, and think about food, the company said.

“On any given day, nearly half a million Kroger associates are doing incredible work,” said Ann Reed, VP of Customer 1st Promise, Kroger Co. “We get a fresh chance to make personal connections, to lift people up and lighten their load,” Reed said. “ is designed to elevate these unique stories and share the difference our wonderful associates make for our customers, communities and each other.”

Kroger employs 443,000 associates across its 2,796 retail food stores that operate in 35 states and the District of Columbia.

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