Swedish Supermarket Offers ‘Climavore-Friendly’ Recipes

(Author : stylus)
Swedish supermarket chain ICA is now enabling consumers to make sustainable choices via its new climate-guided recipe initiative.

The move validates our prediction of an uptick in ‘climavore’ living – where individuals eat according to the unpredictable rhythms of climate change and agricultural spontaneity.

Shoppers can now access a climate guide for select recipes on the brand’s website, where recipes are marked with one, two or three leaves to symbolise how “friendly” they are from a climatic perspective.

Thanks to positive consumer uptake and the brand’s determination to align closely with ecological accountability, all recipes – including those for salads, tacos, pasta and fish – will be given a climate rating that reflects their seasonality and level of climate pollution, enabling consumers to make informed decisions.

source : stylus.com