Target’s Next-Gen Retail Concept Caters To Busy And Leisurely Shoppers Alike

(Author : Matt Vitone)
At a new Texas location, there are separate entrances for shoppers based on two shopping goals. American retail giant Target, currently in the process of a massive four-year, nationwide redesign of its more than 1,000 stores, this week revealed its first “next-generation” retail concept in Richmond, Texas. 

The 124,000-square-foot store is the first to be built from the ground up with the new concept in mind, which caters to both busy and not-so-busy shoppers equally with distinct entrances on opposite sides of the building.

Through the ‘ease’ entrance, shoppers who are in a rush are greeted with a supermarket-like setup with a focus on quick, grab-and-go necessities like groceries, home supplies, pre-made dinners and last-minute gift ideas. Customers on this side of the building can also pick up online orders in-store or curbside directly to their trunk.

On the opposite side of the building sits the ‘inspiration’ entrance, where shoppers who have a bit more time are able to browse leisurely through a more high-end, department store-style layout which includes items like apparel, beauty products, seasonal decor and specialty brands from celebrity partners. This side of the store also houses a Starbucks cafe with outdoor seating, while the building as a whole has a more modern aesthetic with a focus on natural lighting, lower aisles, smaller signage and LED lights that automatically dim for greater energy efficiency.

“We know our guests come to Target on a variety of missions and this design takes that into account right from the front door, with separate entrances for those seeking inspiration and those who simply want ease,” said Mark Schindele, senior vice president of Target Properties, in a statement . “As we remodel stores now and in the future it’s about mass customization, being locally-relevant and doing it at scale across the country, listening to and learning from our guests’ feedback along the way.”

Target says elements of the Richmond store, if successful, will serve as key foundational elements going forward for a planned $7 billion overhaul of its stores. The new dual-entrance layout gives Target a true “omni-channel” experience that blends elements of a traditional store with its online operations, putting it in a better position to appeal to shoppers as online competitors like Amazon enter into the physical retail landscape with their own efforts.

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