Temporary Supermarket Bars

(Author : Katherine Pendrill)
The craft brewer Goose Island Beer Co. recently announced that it will be setting up a series of pop-up beer tasting stands in Tesco supermarkets across the UK.

With many supermarkets looking for ways to make their stores more inviting and experiential, the new activation give customers a unique way to make grocery shopping a bit more fun. The pop-up beer tasting sessions will take place between November 19th and 29th at various Tesco stores across the UK.

At each store, Goose Island will set up a tasting station to give customers a chance to taste its 312 Urban Wheat Ale and its Honker’s Ale. At several of these events, Goose Island will enhance the ‘Happy Hour’ experience with a VR experience that takes customers on a virtual tour of its hop farm in the Northern Idaho Valley and its barrel warehouse in Chicago.

The immersive, in-store bar experience give consumers a chance to learn more about craft beer and to understand what sets the Goose Island brand apart from its competitors.

Source : trendhunter.com