Tesco Now Promises to Deliver Groceries to Your Door Within One Hour

(Author : Ellen Smith)
Echoing Amazon Prime’s delivery branding, Tesco, the popular British Grocery chain, is introducing Tesco Now — a service that promises to deliver groceries to your door within one hour of ordering.

The company has already offered a same-day delivery service in London but altered its marketing to challenge its increasingly popular competitors, which offer customers the ultimate convenience with a “buy on your behalf” shopping experience. Pairing with a UK start-up ‘Quiqup,’ a courier service delivering within London, Tesco now offers consumers living in the country’s capital the power to order up to 20 items.

Tesco is using this service to underline its values and commitment to customer satisfaction through providing Londoners with the luxury of a flexible, efficient and affordable delivery service.

Source : trendhunter.com