Tesco offers same-day delivery for the entire United Kingdom

(Author :  Yoni Van Looveren)
British supermarket chain Tesco has further expanded its online services and will offer same-day delivery virtually across the entire United Kingdom in an attempt to ward off Amazon Fresh.

99 % of families
The company currently only offers same-day delivery in London and the southeast of the United Kingdom, but it will now expand that to 99 % of families, which should give it the broadest reach out of every UK-based retailer. Customers will have to order before 13h to enjoy same-day deliveries, which will arrive after 19h. The fee is between 3 and 8 pounds.

Tesco continues to focus on its online sales, having recently expanded the number of supermarkets that have same-day pick-up options to 300. It even has a one-hour delivery service in the center of London.

Battle with Amazon and discounters
The supermarket chain is clearly preparing for a fight with Amazon and its recently launched Amazon Fresh, which has similar delivery services. The supermarket branch fears the American giant will steal away market share from the four largest chains, which already face tremendous pressure from discounters like Aldi and Lidl.

Source : retaildetail.eu