This Burger King has a full-service sauna inside

(Author : Hayley Peterson)
A Burger King in Finland has something no other fast-food restaurant in the world offers: an on-site sauna.

The restaurant, located in Helsinki, offers full service in the sauna, with servers who take food and beverage orders and then deliver the items to customers. Designed by Finnish celebrity designer Teuvo Loman, the sauna features Burger King-themed benches and towels, a stove, and a television with gaming capabilities. Other amenities include fancy showers, dressing rooms, and a lounge.

The restaurant’s operator is planning to eventually install tablets in the sauna where customers can place orders, according to Euromonitor analyst Elizabeth Friend. The Burger King sauna recently won Euromonitor’s New Concepts in Foodservice contest. In a post on Euromonitor’s website, Friend writes that the sauna demonstrates “just how competitive the search for differentiation has become in global foodservice.”

This Burger King has a full-service sauna inside1

Companies “are having to go to further and further extremes in order to set themselves apart,” she writes. Friend notes that it’s common in Finland for friends and coworkers to sauna together.

“In this way, Burger King’s in-store sauna offers a powerful example of localization, demonstrating an understanding of local preferences while also offering customers the novelty experience of a sauna alongside their Whopper and fries,” Friend writes.

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