This Nescafe Cafe Features an Interactive Mechanical Instrument

(Author : Laura McQuarrie)
For a limited time this December, those who are in Japan will be invited to interact with a unique mechanical instrument when they visit the Nescafe Harajuku cafe.

Inside the cafe, there is a large-scale wooden installation by Shuta Hasunuma called the ‘Coffee Moment Ensemble’ that is made up of xylophone pieces, wooden blocks and keys. When one takes a step back from the musical art piece, it’s revealed that the entire structure is shaped to resemble an oversized mug of coffee.

The playful installation challenges consumers to make use of the Nescafe Barista i app to place an order, or choose from six moods to receive a corresponding drink. When activated, the unique mechanical instrument begins making festive music while a patron’s coffee drink is prepared by an automated Nescafe barista.

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