This Parisian Samsung Shop Spotlights Gear S2 Technology

(Author : Laura McQuarrie)
Samsung’s new concept tech store in Paris is a hub devoted to Gear S2 technology. Throughout the store, there are several stations that allow consumers to get first-hand experiences playing with the products, including a ‘Virbration’ section where they are encouraged to listen to their senses and ‘Immersion’ pods for trying out Samsung’s VR technology.

While smartwatches and virtual reality technology have become familiar to most consumers, there are many who have yet to get their hands on these next-generation gadgets. Electronics stores of this sort provide ample room for consumers to experiment with products and understand their capabilities.

In order to allude to the classic circular face that has inspired so many smartwatches today, circular motifs are used throughout the store on everything from displays to seating and wall decor.

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