This Pop-Up Shop Sells All Things Related To Periods

(Author : Eva Recinos)
U by Kotex hosted a pop-up shop where women can feel safe and comfortable when it comes to discussing—and shopping for—their period.

With conversations around legislation and women’s bodies, it’s become increasingly clear that periods are still a taboo topic for some. For this reason, U by Kotex creates a space where women felt comfortable shopping not only for basic supplies but also items like mugs, sweatshirts and travel bags.

The Period Shop featured items from brands and makers like, Coucou Suzette and Baggu. Throughout the night, the event included nail art sessions, DJ sets, massages and live comedy.

As the website explains, the project came to fruition after Sarah M. created a blog with the concept: Sarah was frustrated with how many stores exist for things like sunglasses, hot sauce and shaving gear for men, but none for periods, something that all women experience. So she took to Tumblr and wrote about a period shop – a space where women can feel comfortable, safe, respected and revered while shopping for their periods.

The Period Shop was open May 13-15. In the meantime, the brand teamed up with to create an online version of the period shop.

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