This Store Is Made To Feel Like You’re Shopping At The Airport

(Author : Ivanha Paz)
The Clearport is a new retail concept that takes the aesthetics of airports and transforms them into a pleasant retail experience.

A new store named The Clearport has recently opened in McGinley Square in Jersey City, NJ. Designed by owner Haytham Elgawly, this airport-themed space brings consumers a new shopping experience, albeit more positive than its inspiration.

Check-out lines are a nod at airport security, meanwhile clothing is divided by terminals. In an innovative twist, shoppers are able to see arrivals and departures screens featuring new items and those recently sold as soon as they walk in. The typical grey security bins are also placed around the store, only here it’s for costumers’ convenience. They can fill them with any extra items they carry as they browse through the racks. Brands currently carried include Publish, Billionaire Boys Club, EPTM, and Rothco.

The arrivals / departures screen is not the only technology incorporated, the fitting room entrance is equipped with a camera, disguised as a TSA scan, to snap shareable pictures of new outfits—an intelligent way to start social media buzz and create organic marketing for The Clearport. There are also USB charging stations strategically placed in all of the seats around the outlet.

But, Elgawly doesn’t stop at airport aesthetics, tying the visual design to an overarching concept with additional elements that all form part of shopping at The Clearport. Starting with the trademark in-flight snacks, such as peanuts and coffee available for all shoppers, to a rewards program labeled “The Mile High Club.” The club turns dollars into miles, each dollar meaning one mile. After earning 2,500, costumers receive a $50.00 gift card.

It may be the first of its kind, but it remains to be seen if this novelty concept is the start of a new trend for retail stores.

You may visit the Clearport at 759A Bergen Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306. Their website is still under construction, but in the meantime you may also follow them on social media via Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter.

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