Tom Dixon’s New York Store Includes Bizarre Room Concepts

(Author : Joey Haar)
Though bright and airy in its lofted main room, British designer Tom Dixon’s New York store in the neighborhood of SoHo is full of odd and slightly creepy rooms.

Taking up three floors of a former boot-making factory, shoppers in the retail space will be able to get lost and they might not know what to think about the rooms they end up stumbling upon.

Tom Dixon's New York Store Includes Bizarre Room Concepts1

One such room, for example, resembles what Dixon refers to as a “torture chamber.” With harsh, direct lighting, bare concrete floors and crumbling grey brick walls, the room would look like something out of a Saw movie if it weren’t for Dixon’s shining, globular ceiling fixtures. Another room in is covered in mod blue vinyl flooring with furry walls, like a fever dream imagining of a 60s swinger’s pad. For Tom Dixon’s New York store, it seems that weird is wonderful.

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