Didier de Jaeger’s opinion on the current retail world

Among other latest retail-related news, Didier De Jeager chose to focus on a  brand new instore innovation : Pepper the robot, the last impressive sales activation tool !

Social robots could change the customer experience for hotel visitors. At the reception desk of a Hilton hotel in McLean, Virginia, a robot named Connie could help you get around town, find a museum or recommend what to do during your visit. read more

Let’s forget for a second that this is a robot, and let’s focus on what I believe is the most interesting part, namely its perceptional and interactional abilities, such as:

  • Identify a visitor’s gender as well as evaluate their size and age to select and offer products that match these criteria;
  • Recognize a returning client and instantly get their previous purchases list;
  • Determine its interlocutor’s emotions and react accordingly;
  • Speak the language of a foreign visitor and…
  • …save each of these data.

Some of these skills go beyond human abilities. Yet what is at stake here is to offer a better instore service –to a greater extent than clerks ending up being replaced by machines. Didier De Jaeger

Source : Altavia Watch