Irispay’s “E-Concept Store” in Malaysia is a Self-Service Store

(Auteur : Laura McQuarrie)
E-payment operator Irispay recently opened its first-ever self-service store in Malaysia that is unstaffed. As the Irispay E-Concept Store operates on a cashless basis, customers are required to make payments using the Irispay app. 

At the self-serve convenience store, consumers who have downloaded the Irispay app may pick up a variety of small items such as snacks and beverages. As the store is staffless, the retail displays are ultra-organized to make up for the fact that consumers may not ask for additional assistance in locating a product; the goods sold in-store are arranged by country of origin.

Day by day, emerging technologies are offering more secure, convenient ways for consumers to make transactions, without some of the pitfalls of conventional shopping experiences like long lineups. As well as offering benefits for consumers, shops like the Irispay E-Concept Store make it possible for retailers to be open at all hours without additional labor costs.

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