Lululemon Opened an Area for ‘Mindfulosophy’ Within Its NYC Store

(Auteur : Laura McQuarrie)
A growing consumer desire for peace of mind has created a heightened demand for all sorts of meditation spaces, including everything from mobile booths to dedicated meditation studios. Now, Lululemon—a Canadian activewear brand that is synonymous with yoga—has launched its first-ever ‘Mindfulosophy’ space.

Inside of its new 8,000 square foot store on NYC’s Fifth Avenue, Lululemon carved out a concept space for visitors to “experience yoga in a different way—off the mat, through meditation.” Via headphones, visitors are able to tune into guided meditations recorded by Lululemon’s director of mindful performance Danielle Nagel and Tom Waller, who leads the brand’s Whitespace Innovation Lab.

While Lululemon regularly offers in-store yoga sessions at its retail stores, Mindfulosophy offers a new way for consumers to partake in a mindfulness practice, even in the midst of one of the busiest cities on the planet.

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